Repairs and warranty

Repairs & warranty

A motorhome is a service-sensitive product. After all, every motorhome is a unique piece, 95% built by hand, like a new building on wheels, subject to extreme temperature changes and the highest shocks. Turning your motorhome into the perfect customised travel camper does require some adjustments and tuning by our specialists.

Due to the large sales volumes, we know our motorhomes very well and can already address many of the concerns present in advance. The little problems that appear afterwards, we aim to solve quickly and efficiently. Our customers know that in the first two years of their motorhome's life, they will soon visit our service department about five times for some point of concern. But don't worry, this is all taken care of with a warranty!

We like to meet every challenge with a smile and together we will definitely overcome those few worries! In no time at all, we will turn your camper into a travel companion perfectly adapted to you, which will give you years of carefree travelling pleasure afterwards. 

- Veronique Vanhoo, manager

We do all installations and assemblies in-house! As a result, we have been gathering all possible knowledge about motorhomes for 35 years. That makes us unique in Belgium and probably in Europe. 
After all, our goal is to still be able to help you quickly and efficiently even after 10 or 15 years with a breakdown or an installation. That is our promise to you! That is why our specialists are also continuously trained to cope with all new problems. We are also happy to assist you with the installation of all conceivable accessories! We pride ourselves on being unbeatable at professionally installing high-quality accessories.

At our four locations together, we have more than 40 technicians with specialisations in the most diverse fields: carpentry, conversions and assembly, car electronics, Can-Bus systems, satellite systems, heating systems, cooling systems, gas installations, bodywork repairs, hydraulics, multimedia systems, autonomous energy systems, etc.

A new lithium system, a sagging floor or the replacement of a cab cap, it is right up our specialists' street. 

Make an appointment in our workshop

Any defects at your motorhome or wish to install additional accessories? Does your camper need a thorough wash, a coating or are you still looking for a storage place? Make an appointment in one of our workshops, we are happy to help you!