Adria is rock solid! More than 50 years of craftsmanship, dedication and knowledge can be found in today's Adria motorhomes. The Adria factory is one of the most modern factories in the camping industry and is located in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. We are very proud to represent Adria.


An Adria is first and foremost rock solid! This Slovenian manufacturer has a strong reputation in the construction of camper vans, but the semi-integrated Coral makes their reputation in Europe. For several years now, Adria has had a particularly strong offering in the market for semi-integrated vehicles with a lifting bed, called the Matrix. The beautiful Sonic is their integral series. We are very proud to represent Adria.


Adria is one of the top European motorhome manufacturers! The factory is located in Novo Mesto (Slovenia) and is one of the most advanced production facilities in all of Europe. Unlike the other brands, Adria does not have a large home market, and this has immediately become its great strength. Over the years, Adria has succeeded wonderfully in setting up a production system that makes it possible to quickly adapt each product to the wishes and needs of each country!


At Adria they are well aware that a motorhome costs a lot of money. Their main principle is to create as much value as possible for the money that the Adria owner puts into his purchase! In addition, Adria realizes that free time has become so valuable for today's people that they look for “reliable” partners to spend this free time. Adria wishes to be this “reliable” partner by supplying campers that you can always count on.


Adria built its first caravan in 1965. By 1980 it was the European market leader. 1985 was an important year because Adria moved into its new factory in Novo Mesto! It was also the year that Adria developed its first prototype on the Fiat Ducato chassis. This would form the basis of a range that would be built in Belgium. Due to the significant growth of the brand, Adria decided to build a new factory near Novo Mesto. In 2005, the new factory was put into operation, increasing annual production to 17,000 units.