A progressive design combined with an excellent German finish and first-class quality materials. Bürstner is the inventor of the semi-integrated motorhome with pavilion bed. Over the years, Bürstner has also succeeded in gathering great expertise in the construction of luxury integral motorhomes. A Bürstner camper retains its value very well and is therefore very popular on the second-hand market!


Bürstner is no stranger to most camper enthusiasts. They are the typical example of a "generalist", who has an attractive offer within every segment of the motorhome market. This German manufacturer is known for a very solid camper and for its very cozy, practical and ingenious interiors. Bürstner also has a very long tradition of integral models, including the Lyseo Time I and Ixeo I series, which have played an important role in this segment for decades! BÜRSTNER is the inventor of the semi-integrated car with pavilion bed, with the Ixeo range.


This European top brand builds high-quality motorhomes at very competitive prices. The production unit is located in Kehl (D), in the heart of Europe and very close to Strassbourg (F), where around 5,000 motorhomes come off the production line every year. The Bürstner campers are the European motorhomes par excellence, the ideal mix between the “grundlichkeit” of the north of Europe and the “design” of the south of Europe.


Bürstner stands for quality and that means that they want to be as dependent on third parties as little as possible. This translates into the fact that they wish to produce everything themselves to control quality. But of course they want to offer more than just a decent motorhome. It must also be pleasant to stay in, which means that a lot of attention is paid to the interior design.


In 1953, Gerhardt Bürstner built his first caravan in his father's carpentry workshop. In 1958, the Bürstner brand was officially founded. In 1986, Bürstner plunged into the motorhome world with a lot of dedication. 2008 is a pivotal year for Bürstner and the entire European motor home world when Bürstner invents the semi-integrated car with pavilion bed. A new kind of motorhome is born. In 2012, Bürstner once again proved its innovative character by launching the Brevio (camper bus with camper wall construction).