Vanomobil cleaning motorhome

Cleaning service & coating

Are you also always dreading that big cleaning after a camper outing? Then we can make your life a little easier again. Have your camper cleaned by our specialised cleaning team or treat your Vanomobil to a coating.

Only the best is good enough for our favourite travel companion, right?

cleaning service

Is your motorhome in need of a thorough wash after all those adventures? Have it taken care of by our specialised cleaning team.

PREPARED FOR HOLIDAY: Set off carefree as we fill up with water, diesel, gas and toiletries, check tyre pressure, charge batteries and plug in the fridge!

READY FOR STORAGE: Carefree completion of your holiday, cleaning the motorhome inside and outside, charging the batteries and putting the motorhome in storage.

OUTSIDE CLEANING: The outside of your motorhome cleaned!

CLEANING COMPLETE: The inside and outside of your motorhome cleaned!

CLEANING EXTREMELY: Complete simonising and thorough cleaning of the outside of your motorhome so it looks like new.
CADEAUBON: Do the above options sound like a perfect gift for your mum, dad, brother, aunt, friend,... Then you can surprise them with a great gift voucher for any of the above services.

If you're interested, send us a message via the link below.

Camper Coating

Camper coating is basically applying a protective layer to the outside of your entire camper. You cannot see the coating, but it does offer optimal protection from outside influences. If you have your motorhome coated, you prevent scratches on the paintwork and protect your motorhome from dirt, scratches, insects, tree sap, UV radiation and discolouration. In addition, the coating gives a high gloss and reflection on the paintwork for a perfect look and your brand-new purchase!

Vanomobil cooperates with the company Carmotec. Father and sons have been specialising in the Coating of cars and more specifically motorhomes for years. The company is located just across the Dutch border, but they come to all our workshops several times a week to carry out the coating. This long-term collaboration allows us to offer this service at advantageous prices.

Make an appointment in our workshop

Any defects at your motorhome or wish to install additional accessories? Does your camper need a thorough wash, a coating or are you still looking for a storage place? Make an appointment in one of our workshops, we are happy to help you!