Westfalia campers stand for quality and original camping solutions. If you are looking for a reliable partner for your free time, then you have come to the right place at Westfalia. 60 years of experience in the construction of campervans and an intense collaboration with the largest car manufacturers Mercedes, Ford and Volkswagen offer you the necessary guarantees. Entire generations have discovered Europe at behind the wheel of the Joker or the James Cook Motorhome.


Westfalia is the most iconic brand in the camper world! Who isn't crazy about the VW T1 & T2 camper vans from the 60s and 70s? When Westfalia developed its own range in 2011, Vanomobil was an immediate candidate to distribute these gems in Belgium! In addition to the high-quality Columbus and the price-accessible Amundsen range, Westfalia also offers 6 models based on VW T6: the Kepler One, Six & Sixty, the Iconic, the Club Joker and compact Club Joker City! Since last year, Westfalia also offers a variant of the Mercedes Viano with the Jules Verne! This year, Westfalia is the first campervan manufacturer to offer a campervan on the MAN TGE: the Sven Hedin. With the Kepler Iconic, WESTFALIA goes back to the iconic models from the 60s! We will soon also be able to present the new James Cook on Mercedes Sprinter.


With a history dating back more than 60 years, this German manufacturer is the oldest camper bus manufacturer on the European mainland and probably in the world. On the one hand, Westfalia builds popular converted vans for a number of major automotive brands, but for several years now they have also been building their own range of camper vans that must meet the same strict quality standards as their sister models. Westfalia has been building campervans for the largest car manufacturers (Mercedes, Volkswagen, etc.) for many years. All Westfalia campers are the only campers on the European continent to meet the strictest quality standards of the automotive sector. Westfalia stands for quality, reliability, safety and, above all, it is a loyal partner for life.


Rock-solid and quirky! Westfalia is the outsider in the camper sector because it approaches everything like a car manufacturer. You can especially see this in the finish and quality of their camper vans. Westfalia develops everything itself, including the patented and ingenious seat and bed systems! At WESTFALIA there is no room for frills and they go 100% for German Gründlichkeit.


On October 1, 1844, Johan Bernard Knöbel founded a forge. Horse shoes, horse carts and carriages were built. In 1927, the Knöbel company developed its first trailer and in 1935 the ball coupling, which is still used worldwide today. It was not until 1950 that the name Westfalia was used to supply the first camping box for the newly released Volkswagen T1. The current owner is the French Rapido group, which purchased the company in 2011. In addition to the original production unit in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, this iconic brand also has a production unit in Fulda (D) and Benet (F).