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Vertrek je binnenkort op een Vanomobil huuravontuur? Hier kan je terecht met al je praktische vragen voor, tijdens of na je huuravontuur. 

Before you leave on a rental adventure

  • The rental price on the offer includes VAT 21% incl, professional explanation, toilet product, fitted sheets or mattress protectors, gas consumption, comprehensive insurance, fire, theft, assistance and repatriation insurance (VAB 24h/24h), glass breakage, natural disasters, animal collision and stray wildlife.

    Possible additional costs are the rental of Travel Packs, extra kilometres driven, fuel, any fines or damages.

  • No, on our website it is not possible to check the current availability of the desired motorhome. Please submit a rental request and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss available cars.

  • The deposit is transferred one week before collection or the day of departure by bank transfer. The deposit is equal to the amount of the exemption from comprehensive insurance. The amount of the deposit depends on the equipment level of the motorhome.

    Comfort & comfort plus = 1200 euro
    Prestige = 1500 euro
    Superior = 1900 euro

    We also require an additional deposit in the following cases:
    € 250 extra for drivers < 23 years old
    € 500 extra for pets
    50% extra for winter trips

  • Sure, we only ask that you provide driver details before the trip (copy of driving licence and ID card required)

  • The cars are provided with comprehensive insurance with the exception of the exemption amounting to the deposit. The insurance covers: fire and theft, assistance and repatriation, glass breakage, natural disasters, animal collision and stray game.

    It is possible to take out additional cancellation insurance.

  • The service fee includes administration costs, preparation and testing of the motorhome and a professional explanation.
    This is a flat fee/contract based on the equipment level under which the rental motorhome falls:

    PRESTIGE : € 220
    SUPERIOR : € 245

  • Half of the rent will be settled upon reservation, the balance 4 weeks before departure.

  • Half of the rental price is settled upon reservation, the remaining balance 4 weeks before departure.
    The deposit is paid upon collection of the motorhome or one week before departure by bank transfer.

  • From 2-week rentals onwards, you enjoy unlimited mileage.
    Less than 2 weeks rental: 250 km/day included
    e.g. 750km per weekend
    e.g. 1750km per week
    extra kilometres at € 0.30/km

  • From October to mid-May (excluding school holidays), the minimum rental period is 3 days. During the 2nd half of May, June and September : minimum rental period = 5 days.
    During July and August : minimum rental period 2 weeks

  • Collection of the motorhome is by appointment in the afternoon.
    Pick-up is usually around 15h, but if an earlier time is possible, we will inform you beforehand.

  • Electric cable, water hose, toilet product, ramps, gas bottles, fluorescent jackets, warning triangle, first aid kit, bicycle rack (optional on Adria Twin Explorer)

    Discover our additional travel packs here
  • The Vanomobil Travel Packs provide all the extra equipment you could wish for your rental adventure! Rent our kitchen boxes now:

    From €49/trip vat incl.

    Every campervan may be equipped with a kitchen unit, but you won't get very far without pots and pans. Thanks to our Kitchen Pack, you can cook in peace and then enjoy your creations.
    The Kitchen Pack includes: 1x kettle - 1x coffee filter - 1x bread knife - 1x paring knife - 1x kitchen knife - 1x scissors - 2x pan trivet - 3x cooking pot + holder - 2x frying pan + holder - 2x cutting board - 1x salad bowl - 1x salad cutlery - 4x fork - 4x knife - 4x spoon - 4x coffee spoon - 4x large plate - 4x small plate - 4x mug - 4x bowl - 4x glass

    Discover our additional travel packs here
  • From €49/trip vat incl.

    Aperitif under the awning or a blissful BBQ on the beach? Table and chairs are indispensable for any motorhome trip. The Outdoor Pack is available for 2, 4 or 6 people.

    Outdoor Pack 2 persons small folding table + 2 folding chairs €49/trip
    Outdoor Pack 4 persons small folding table + 4 folding chairs €74/trip
    Outdoor Pack 6 people large folding table + 6 folding chairs €99/trip

    Discover our additional travel packs here
  • We provide a mattress protector/sheet on the mattresses. Duvets, duvet covers, pillows and pillowcases must be provided by yourself.

  • Absolutely, the faithful four-legged friend can definitely come along on the trip. However, the deposit is increased by 500 euro. If no damage by your pet is found upon arrival and if the motorhome is returned clean, you will receive this deposit back.

  • A driver's licence B is sufficient for all our rental motorhomes.

  • When collecting the motorhome, the driver should bring his driving licence and identity card.

  • Drivers must be min 18 years old. For drivers younger than 23, the deposit is increased by €250.

  • No, it is forbidden to smoke inside the motorhome.

During your rental adventure

  • The purchase of the necessary road and environmental vignettes is at the tenant's expense.

  • This is very much country-dependent. Before travelling, it is best to check local laws. However, we do not recommend wild camping. If you do, keep these tips in mind:
    - do not disturb local residents,
    - do not make any noise and do not leave any rubbish behind
    - there is no harm in asking the owner or police for permission beforehand.

  • For €3.5/day incl. VAT, we offer secure storage for your car during the period of the trip.

  • Fuel and AdBlue consumption are at the tenant's expense. On departure, motorhomes are delivered with a full fuel and AdBlue tank. Please return the motorhome with a full diesel and AdBlue tank.

  • The dimensions of the motorhome will be found on a sticker on the top left of the driver.

  • In case of accident or breakdown, contact Vanomobil as soon as possible. All our rental customers benefit from 24-hour roadside assistance provided by the VAB.

  • A colleague is always available for emergencies.

    After opening hours:

    For emergencies, you can reach a colleague between 8am and 9am and from 6pm to 10pm on the number: 0477 070 717

    On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, this is from 8am to 10pm.

    Preferably via WhatsApp, you will be called back within 2h.

    During opening hours, please call: 056 430 181

Coming back from your rental adventure

  • We are happy to receive the motorhome:
    - neatly cleaned inside & outside
    - with an empty toilet cassette
    - with an empty waste water tank
    - with polished travel packs
    - fully refuelled: diesel & AdBlue

    If this is not the case, the following amounts will be kept from the deposit:
    - 75 euro = polished exterior
    - Less 100 euros = interior cleaning
    - 25 euros Emptying toilet cassette or holding tank
    - 25 euros for cleaning Travel Packs

    The fresh water does not need to be refilled.

  • No, the renter should not clean the roof of the motorhome.

  • We expect the motorhome back BEFORE 10am on the day of arrival.

  • If you have committed a traffic violation with the motorhome, it will only come to us afterwards (number plate Vanomobil). This means that Vanomobil has extra administrative work to assign the offence and settle the costs, therefore a 25 euro administration fee is added to the amount of the fine. Thank you for understanding.

Start your rental adventure!

Your journey starts in one of our showrooms: the place where you will be guided in a personal way to choose your perfect motorhome. Then it's time to start the countdown to your adventure!