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No experience just yet with renting a motorhome?

Welcome to Vanomobil! Thank you for entrusting your holiday happiness to us. There is a huge range on the rental market, but keep in mind: your trip stands or falls with the choice of your motorhome. It is crucial to carefully weigh up which motorhome is most suitable for your situation. At Vanomobil, you don't have to be an expert to find the ideal motorhome for your situation! We are happy to put our 35 years of experience and knowledge at the disposal of your dreams.

Discover in 3 steps which motorhome suits you best

Do you attach importance to a comfortable bed, do you need a large hobby garage for your children's belongings or are the basics enough for you? You don't need to be an expert to find your perfect campervan at Vanomobil! Tell us your priorities in three steps and we will find you the ideal motorhome!

Start your rental adventure!

Your journey starts in one of our showrooms: the place where you will be guided in a personal way to choose your perfect motorhome. Then it's time to start the countdown to your adventure!