Yucon, the inventor of the microliner: high-end luxury campervan with limited dimensions. Yucon is Frankia's campervan brand.


Looking for quality, timelessness and technicality? These three features are the basis of every Yucon campervan. They call their models Microliners, by analogy with the luxury integrals from Frankia, which are often called Liners. In addition to Fiat and Renault, it is mainly the Mercedes Sprinter models that receive a lot of attention. The models on this compact, high-quality van offer a surprising amount of interior space. The driving comfort is very close to that of a luxury car and the off-road qualities of the K-Peak, the latest 4x4 version, ensure that you can dream of the most extreme destinations.


The Yucon Microliners recently opened their own factory just next to the factory of the parent brand Frankia in Marktshortgast in the East of Germany. Yucon was created as a dream to travel independently and adventurously, but with the same comfort as with a large Frankia Liner. Due to its specific identity and great success, the Frankia group decided to distribute these campervans under its own brand. Every Yucon campervan is solidly built, perfectly insulated and equipped with the most modern technologies and best parts.


The philosophy of this brand is already reflected in the name. Yucon is a derivative of Yukon, the most northwestern sub-region in Canada, just next to Alaska. Inhospitable, but stunningly beautiful, a dream destination for many adventurers! In such an environment you have to be able to rely on the quality of your campervan. A Yucon campervan should not limit your choice of destination, no matter how adventurous it is. Ultimately, you should be able to enjoy the same comfort as at home, wherever you are. Freedom, quality and comfort are the three key words of Yucon.


Yucon is a young but ambitious brand, founded in 2022. It already existed as the name of a series of adventure campervans based on Mercedes Sprinter within the Frankia range. Due to the great success of this series, Frankia has decided to give this series its own identity and brand name. This young brand enjoys a lot of attention among adventurers who also attach importance to comfort, quality and technology.