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With a ❤ for the planet

Let's give back to nature

Exploring our beautiful planet, travelling, inevitably has an impact on our planet. So should we just stay at home? Of course not, but it is important to take a moment to reflect on how we travel.

Are we travelling in a sustainable and ecologically responsible way?

Vanomobil is the first in the industry to travel to the unknown places of sustainable and responsible travel, our customers just need to follow in our footsteps and follow our signposts, because we cannot do it alone. Renting a motorhome is in itself a step in the right direction and there are a few more easy steps you can take towards a sustainable and environmentally responsible holiday!

Compensate your CO2e with Greentripper

To save our planet, Vanomobil is committed to reducing CO2e emissions from our rental fleet from 2023. Specifically, we aim to reduce CO2e emissions from our rental vehicles by 10% by 2025. In addition to reducing our CO2e emissions, we will offset the unavoidable emissions. We realise that all CO2e emissions are irreversible and this offsetting does not provide a long-term solution to climate change. Nevertheless, we are convinced that this compensation can already make a significant difference in the short term. Here too, we want to be a partner to our customers and are happy to participate in half of the compensation!

By committing to CO2e compensation, you are participating for free in the Give Back To Nature Formula where you receive compensation for the kilometres you did not drive, so it's win-win! ❤

Compensate your CO2e and enter for free into the

Give back to nature formule

By committing to CO2e compensation, you step into the Give Back To Nature Formula for free: save your mileage and save our planet! And to thank you for this, Vanomobil gladly gives you a voucher with compensation for the kilometres not driven!

Last year, an average of 190km/day was driven by our rental motorhomes. To reduce this average, we reward every rental customer who stays below the daily average with a voucher worth €0.15/km with a maximum service fee.

in association with Greentripper

Support charity

Compensation of CO2e emissions is entrusted to Greentripper, which ensures that the compensation is used for Vanomobil's chosen charity, namely the drinking water project in Rwanda!

Start your rental adventure!

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