Chausson is the market leader in France. They have a very strong range of semi-integrated campers. You always pay the correct price for all the necessary equipment. It is not without reason that Chausson is a brand that thinks very progressively, they are a trendsetter in indoor and outdoor designs. For several years now they have also offered campervans and a beautiful integrated camper.


Chausson is a "generalist", as it has every type of camper in its range. Everyone finds something to their liking. Over the years, they have built up great expertise in the construction of semi-integrated models with or without a fold-down bed. They offer high-quality campers with progressive and trendsetting interior and exterior designs! They also have a range of camper vans and, for several years now, a beautiful integral car with a sounding name Exaltis.


Chausson a French brand with one of the biggest reputations on the European market and is among the top 3 in every European country. The Chausson campers are built in Tournon sur Rhône, in the middle of the vineyards of the Rhône Valley. Every year, almost 7,000 motorhomes come off the production line at one of the largest motorhome production sites in Europe (as big as 33 football fields).


Chausson does not want to build the cheapest motorhome, but the one with the best price/quality/equipment ratio. At Chausson you will always find the correct basic equipment and extras are always reasonably priced. Very reactive and progressive, they regularly come up with new revolutionary ideas and models. Just think of the ingenious Sweet in 2013, the Welcome 620 and 630 in 2017 and the revolutionary Travelline last year.


Founded in 1903, Chausson specialized in the construction of radiators and tanks, later evolving into the construction of buses and vehicles with special bodies. It was only many years later that it turned to the construction of converted vans. Their first model was presented at the "Salon de l'Automobile" in Paris in 1980. In 1984 they built their first alcove model, which was called revolutionary due to the use of a white aluminum outer plate! Over the years, Chausson has become the reference for the affordable middle class motorhome with a unique price/quality ratio.