This young French brand comes from within the Rapido group and resolutely opts for innovation. Their first goal is to offer an affordable integral with fair quality and finish. The Itineo integrals are especially appreciated for their very successful and spacious layouts.


Itineo, built in the Rapido factory in Mayenne, is originated from within the wants of its owner, Pierre Rousseau. In addition to building the expensive Rapido campers, he had been dreaming of a budget-friendly integrated camper for years. With Itineo his dream became reality! Well manufactured and correctly priced campers that have the advantages of the integral. We immediately believed in this concept and felt particularly attracted by the family layouts. And if you take a closer look at the Itineo camper, you will notice that it is very pleasant to live in. Extremely popular are the 3 family layouts with bunk beds SB700, SLB700 and SB740 and the 2 models with central island bed MB740 & MC740.


Itineo is the European specialist in the affordable integrated camper. Built in the Rapido factory in Mayenne, Pays de Loire, around 400 motorhomes roll off the production line every year. Both the Rapido and Itineo motorhomes are built in the same way and meet the same quality standards. This not only guarantees every Itineo owner the best price, but also the best quality.


Itineo has only one basic philosophy: making the integrated motorhome accessible to everyone! But this does not mean that you get nothing to have a well prices motorhome. Itineo succeeds wonderfully in combining spaciousness, beautiful design and quality with a unique purchase price! Thanks to their basic philosophy, Itineo is one of the only motorhome builders in Europe to present a number of very attractive integral motorhomes with a family layout.


Itineo was created by Pierre Rousseau, owner of the Rapido group. His dream was to make the integral accessible to everyone and this immediately became the basic philosophy of his latest brand. The first models rolled off the production line in 2007. While everyone was full of praise for the spaciousness and interior design of the first models, a lot of work still had to be done on the rather angular exterior design. In 2010, a completely new, much more accessible exterior design was presented, and the general public immediately discovered the beautiful new Itineo integral.